Fountain for Rejuvenation

Yesterday morning I sat in front of a water fountain for a few minutes in order to clear my head. I have been dealing with several problems at once and it was all starting to get to me.


“Fountain” by: Alicia I. Gilbert Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved

Life can just be too much for my mind sometimes.

I think the only time I didn’t worry in life was during childhood. On second thought, I take that back. I used to worry about things beyond my control even then.

After listening to the sounds from the fountain for a minute, I found a way to relax…to “let go and let God” as they say.

Steps to Free Your Mind

The first moment of clarity I had was to work on my problems in order of importance, from the most urgent to the not so serious.

The second thing that came to mind was to let go of anything I can not control.

The third thing was to let go of other people’s problems. If it isn’t my problem then why must I deal with it?

The fourth point was to create steps, on paper, for how I may solve the problem. I don’t  need to walk around with a jumbled mess in my head…write it down.

Finally, sometimes I doodle or create art another way and that clears my mind. Sometimes doing something else frees your mind up so new ideas can come.


Original doodle by: Alicia I. Gilbert Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

One thing is certain when our minds are too preoccupied we are missing out on life. We miss simple pleasures such as fountains of water. Free your mind and enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

After all of that I was able to exhale and to enjoy my workday. Bonus: I slept better last night than I have in weeks.