The Return to Learn More WordPress 

Nearly two years ago I discovered a group that welcomes all levels of WordPress users to come together monthly and share tips, knowledge, and Marketing-related expertise.

I came to my first meeting so green that I blogged about it using the app. 

What a Difference Time Makes

While I second-guessed myself and assumed I was not smart enough for this, I allowed life to get in the way and stopped coming to the meetings. 

Answer What is Calling You 

Since that time I have had three different Marketing positions as day jobs. I am still a moonlight creative. Being in each of these positions is stretching me by teaching me a wealth of information, some of which is on the job but I have had to learn plenty of it on my own: Coding, Social Media Marketing and, to some degree, how to integrate various Marketing tools with WordPress websites.

Thus my need for the meetings has returned.

Not So Green Anymore

When I returned to the meeting a few nights ago I knew much more than I did at the early meetings and I felt at home.

Often we think we have to be in college or on the job to get the training and information we need that will take us to the next level in our careers. Often it is a matter of thinking outside of the box.

Part of that for me was going onto MeetUp, finding this group and then going to these meetings.

It has expanded my knowledge base more than anything a college course or job training class has so far in my life.

One bonus: there is no charge for me to go.

Therefore, I return to learn more about WordPress with an open mind.